Facade Access Systems

For today’s sophisticated building façades to look and perform at their best it is essential they are inspected, cleaned and if necessary repaired on a regular basis.

Rostek’s Façade Access division specialises in the design and installation of suspended and fixed access systems, which enable high level maintenance activities to be undertaken safely and efficiently.
By working with you from an early stage, our system designers are able to provide Façade Access systems that blend seamlessly with the building’s architecture.

Rostek-UK Façade Access equipment falls into two main categories:

  • Permanent Access Systems

  • Personal Suspension Systems

Rostek-UK Monorail Rope Access

Rostek permanent access systems*

Rostek’s permanent access systems comply with BS EN1808 and BS 6037 and can be classified as either suspended e.g. building maintenance units or fixed e.g. travelling gantries.

Rostek personal suspension systems*

Rostek’s personal suspension systems comply with BS EN795 and BS 7985 and include tracks and anchorages designed for use with rope access techniques.

Rostek-UK Monorail Facade Access
Rostek-UK Rope Access

Rostek’s Façade Access systems comply with all relevant British and European Standards.

Within the guidelines of the Work at Height regulations 2005, collective systems must be given priority over personal protection systems wherever possible.

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