Fall Protection Systems

Access to roofs and other high level structures is required in all sectors of industry on a daily basis.

For maintenance activities such as gutter cleaning, access to rooftop plant and repairs to telecommunications installations to be carried out safely and efficiently, it is essential that adequate systems are in place to protect workers against falls from height.

Operating nationally, Rostek’s Fall Protection division specialises in designing and installing systems that allow roof top and other high level maintenance activities to be undertaken safely and efficiently.

Rostek-UK Fall Protection Equipment

Our Fall Protection equipment divides into two main categories:

    Collective Fall Protection Systems

    Personal Fall Protection Systems

Rostek Collective Fall Protection Systems*

Our range of collective Fall Protection systems include guardrails, walkways, ship ladders and gantries and are designed to completely remove the risk of a fall from height. All systems meet current safety requirements, providing maximum roof edge protection.

Collective systems can be free standing or anchored to the structure and can be installed during the construction phase of new buildings or retrofitted to existing structures.

Rostek-UK Guardrail
Rostek-UK Mansafe Fall Protection

Rostek Personal Fall Protection Systems*

Our range of personal Fall Protection systems includes horizontal and vertical lifelines, roof anchors and eyebolts, along with a comprehensive selection of personal protective equipment.

These systems are intended for use where design restraints or planning restrictions prohibit the application of collective Fall Protection systems.

*Rostek’s Fall Protection Systems comply with the relevant British and European Standards. Within the guidelines of the Work at Height regulations 2005, collective systems must be given priority over personal protection systems wherever possible.

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