Rostek Design Service

It’s not a surprise that in an age of such rapid change to work at height equipment, standards and legislation, more and more leading Building Owners, Property Agents and Architects are turning to the services of Rostek-UK.

Our Engineers provide expert advice on the safety, suitability and compliance of work at height equipment, management controls on existing buildings and the design and specification of Façade Access and Fall Protection systems on new buildings. 

Their knowledge and expertise will ensure you have complete peace of mind that work at height is being undertaken safely, efficiently and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

New Buildings

ConsultancyWorking with many of the country’s leading Architects, Rostek’s Design service assists the design team to establish the safest and most appropriate design for both Façade Access and Fall Protection equipment.

Having established the future maintenance requirements of the building’s façades and roof top plant and equipment, our designers will guide you through a set of established principles in order to arrive at the optimum solution for your building’s access requirements.

We will then prepare conceptual or schematic drawings along with a detailed specification of the required equipment in a format of your choice. If necessary, we will also provide costing for budgetary purposes.

Existing Buildings

InspectionDue to the complexity and specialist nature of the equipment, processes and training required to work safely at height, standard health and safety checks are often unable to identify risks that may be present.

Rostek’s surveyors are specially trained to identify specific hazards relating to work at height. For building owners and property managers, our consultancy service provides a unique work at height audit to ensure existing systems and controls comply with current legislation.

Rostek-UK Work at Height Audit

In general terms when undertaking the work at height audit process, our surveyors will be focusing on the following critical areas:

  • Façades and roofs where inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair work is undertaken.
  • The actual work activities carried out in these areas.
  • The frequency of the work activities being carried out.
  • The Façade Access and Fall Protection equipment installed to identify.
  • Does the equipment comply with current standards?
  • Does the equipment provide appropriate and adequate access to safely carry out work activities, including access and egress, in line with legislation?
  • Does the equipment have a valid test certificate?
  • Does the equipment have an appropriate ongoing inspection and re-certification programme in place?
  • The effectiveness of any permit to work systems in place.

Whether the client’s staff have received appropriate training and are certified as competent to manage and undertake work at height safely.
When our auditors have completed the survey they will prepare and submit to you the work at height audit report, which will highlight clearly any areas of potential exposure, along with a prioritised list of remedial works required to bring the building into line with legislation.

In addition, we will submit a costing summary to enable budgets to be allocated against each work item. All audit reports are submitted in a user-friendly format to aid non-specialist decision-makers.

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