Rostek BMU Cradles

Manufactured as either one or two person platforms, Rostek’s BMU cradles meet or exceed the requirements set by European Standard EN1808 for permanently installed access equipment. 
Our cradles are constructed to the highest standards of quality to ensure reliability and durability.BMU Cradle
Made from lightweight, high-grade aluminium profiles with galvanised steel frames and stainless steel fasteners, each cradle incorporates safety devices to guard against main suspension rope failure. To guarantee functionality and dependability Rostek’s cradle control panels incorporate the best electrical components with all wiring layouts professionally finished and clearly marked for ease of identification.

Rostek 2-Hoist BMU Cradle

The standard length 2-Hoist BMU Cradle, generally a two-person cradle unit, is 2.0m (distance between the Titan Hoists is 1.7m), although Rostek’s Engineers are experts in designing special platforms for unique applications and other lengths can be provided.
These commonly include 2.3m wide (2.0m between hoists) and as narrow as 1.7m or 1.4m, although these smaller cradles are for one man only.BMU Cradle
Our BMU Cradles are equipped with wire winders for 40m, 70m and 135m lifting height, which incorporate an automatic stopping system for the wall restraints.

Rostek 1-Hoist BMU Cradle

Our 1-Hoist BMU Cradle, a one person BMU Cradle, is designed to access smaller areas of façade for use in locations where it would be difficult to fit our larger 2-Hoist BMU Cradle. 

Each of Rostek’s cradle’s is fitted as standard with a Titan hoist, motorised wire winder, full aluminium cladding with telescopic wall rollers, bottom limit trip bar, cable bin, top limit, and ultimate top limit switch.

This cradle should only be used in applications where a continuous facade or other similar structure is available for the wall rollers.


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