The davit is a portable suspension system which isDavit
roof mounted upon a base plate in order to suspend a self hoisting cradle for one man, two man or a rope access operative.

The davit can rotate on its base plate so that the cradle can be lifted over the parapet and stored or transferred on the roof area.

The davit can be dismantled in order to be transported from one base plate to the next along the roof, and for storage out of sight when not in use.

The lead designer is required to ensure that the davit will enable safe and accessible rigging and derigging of the cradle system.

  • Jib Length: Varies to suit situation
  • Mast Height: Varies to suit situation
  • Weight: approx. 125kg
  • Material: Aluminium/Galvanised Steel
  • Davits are generally supplied with a standard mill finish.

The removable davits are positioned on fixed base plates which are anchored to concrete or steel plinths provided by others

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