Rostek Personal Suspension Systems

Sometimes it is impractical to incorporate a full permanent access system into a building design. Alternatively, existing buildings may not be able to accept the applied loads of large counterbalanced access machines. In these cases, Rostek-UK offers a range of lightweight and practical personal suspension systems.

Personal Suspension SystemsPersonal suspension systems are a range of anchorage devices designed and installed specifically to allow access to high level façades via industrial rope access techniques.

With our IRATA trained staff, Rostek-UK is uniquely placed to offer advice on the design and installation of permanent anchorage systems, which can be used safely and efficiently by IRATA trained operatives.

Rostek Rope Access Track Systems 

Rope Access RailOn buildings with large expanses of façade, the installation of a track system enables operatives to traverse quickly and efficiently between work places without the need for multiple rope rig and de-rig.

Our track systems consist of a unique range of aluminium monorails that incorporate small trolley units for ease of movement along the façade. Each trolley has twin suspension points and a small parking brake, which is applied when either descending or ascending, or when the trolleys are parked in the designated rigging point.

Unlike basic rail systems, which require operatives to shuffle laboriously between supports and then transfer past them, Rostek-UK track systems are extremely efficient to operate and are the preferred choice of a great number of industrial rope access specialists.

Installation of the tracks can be either face or soffit mounted. Face mounted systems will be fixed back through the curtain walling or glazing and connected to the main structural frame via purpose engineered support jibs. Our soffit-mounted systems consist of sections that can be concealed within the building effectively making them invisible when installed.

Rostek Rope Access Eyebolt Anchors

Rope Access EyeboltFor buildings with smaller areas of facade or for tall buildings that require infrequent rigging and de-rigging of ropes, the installation of rope access eyebolt anchors may be the perfect solution.

Available in either galvanised, polyester powder coated or stainless steel, Rostek’s eyebolt anchors can be roof, face or soffit mounted and can be fixed to a variety of structures, including concrete, masonry or steel work. With roof-mounted anchors we can provide advice on associated parapet protection systems to avoid damage occurring to the parapet or coping.

Face or soffit mounted anchors are applicable where operatives need to traverse short distances either horizontally or on an incline, alternatively they can be utilised as relay points beneath projections or within recesses. For ease of movement between each anchor when suspended from them, our designers pay particular attention to optimal spacing between eyebolts.

Rostek Rope Access Davit

Rope Access DavitOn buildings with isolated strips such as stairwells or for roof-mounted applications where it is not possible to provide parapet protection, Rostek’s Davit Systems provide a low cost, effective and extremely discrete anchor system.

Fixed back through the roof to the main structural frame, the davit comprises a fixed base and upright socket with a rotating head. When the system is not being used the head can be rotated through 180 degrees inboard of the parapet rendering it invisible from ground level. The rotating head also provides safe and easy access for the initial rigging of ropes.

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