Rostek Guardrail Systems

Rostek-UK’s Guardrail Systems are the ideal solution to collective protection for operatives working on roof tops and other high level structures.

The systems can be used to safeguard unprotected edges, cordon off fragile materials such as roof lights, or designate emergency escape routes.

We provide a variety of freestanding and fixed guardrail systems - the nature and frequency of work undertaken will define which is the most appropriate.

Rostek Freestanding Guardrails

Freestanding guardrails are a permanently installed and fully tested, modular roof edge protection systems, comprising pre-fabricated, standardised fittings. 

Suitable for installation to controlled roofs and other areas requiring periodic access, the system is designed around proven counterweight principles and is completely freestanding, therefore eliminating the need for costly roof penetration. 

The pre-fabricated components provide maximum versatility on site enabling sections to be taken down, added to and re-erected. Suitable for installation on roofs with up to a 10º pitch, Rostek-UK Freestanding Guardrails can be installed on a wide range of flat roofs, regardless of shape, dimension or level. For additional safety, all areas that come into contact with the roof have a protective anti-slip rubber pad fitted.

Rostek Fixed Guardrails

Fixed guardrails are a permanent collective solution for roofs of any pitch or areas where access is unrestricted, such as open roofs, terraces and ramps. Individually designed to suit each installation, our fixed guardrails meet BS EN 6399 Part 1 requirements and the requirements of the Building Regulations.

For durability all components on standard applications are galvanised to BS729.

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