Rostek Walkways and Surface Covers

Rostek Walkway SystemsRostek-UK’s Walkway Systems provides a permanent non-slip safe walking surface that protects fragile roofs from potential damage where site operatives must tread or in areas of heavy foot traffic.

Walkways can be fitted to a variety of roofing systems and installed with or without handrails. They can also be combined with a horizontal lifeline to provide maximum Fall Protection.

Rostek-UK walkways for standing seam roofs are manufactured from lightweight and durable aluminium. Our standing seam walkways utilise clamping clips that connect to the seams without penetrating the roof sheet.

The modular system is simple and versatile, with standard prefabricated “L” and “T” junctions, as well as the flexibility to create other angles, junctions and steps. As the system is non-penetrative, standing seam walkways are suitable for retrofit as well as new build. It is durable and corrosion free and requires minimal on-going maintenance.

Rostek-UK Walkway Systems

Rostek UK Walkway SystemsThe Rostek-UK Walkway system is used to provide an even walking surface across roof types, which include profiled metal sheeting, slate, lead and copper.

Manufactured from PVC-U or Aluminium extrusions, the system incorporates a top plank that boasts a unique safety tread to create an anti slip surface, even in wet conditions.

In the majority of applications, the system can be free laid on top of the roof, without the need to penetrate the surface. 

Where the walkway is intended to provide access to adjacent parapets or in valley gutters, the system will incorporate chamfered side sections designed to rest upon the adjacent roof slope and be supported in the gutter base by cushioned stools. 

Where access is required over the slope of a roof, steps can be incorporated into the walkway for ease of use and increased safety.

Rostek PVC-U Fall Proof Covers

On older buildings it is often necessary to protect roof workers against falls through fragile material located inboard of the edge. Such instances may be created by the presence of glazing, polycarbonate roof lights or asbestos cement roof sheets. 

Rostek-UK’s PVC-U Fall Proof Covers provide operatives with collective protection, removing the risk of falls through fragile surfaces. Manufactured from the same extrusion as our walkway system, the fall proof covers incorporate a red extrusion to either side to clearly demarcate the edge of the safe boundary. All installation will be accompanied by appropriate signage

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