Building Maintenance Units

Building Maintenance Units 
(Rostek-UK BMU Roof Machines)

Roof TrolleyMounted permanently at roof level, a BMU is the safest and most complete form of suspended access system, providing full lateral, horizontal and vertical movement of the working platform. Rostek’s BMUs provide hoisting heights of up to 400m and jib outreach up to 35m, enabling safe access to even the tallest and most complex building façades.

The cradles have a typical working load limit of 250kg, although additional loads can be designed into the systems to facilitate glass replacement winches for future maintenance of the building.

Rostek-UK offers a range of BMU machines that can either be fixed position or running on anchored or free-laid tracks. 

Alternatively, we provide trackless machines that can travel on a concrete surface with the aid of a guide rail, enabling the terrace area to be utilised for pedestrian access.

All of our machines are CE approved and are manufactured in accordance with European Standard EN1808 incorporating fully counterweighted designs to ensure complete stability in all working load conditions.

Our machines are manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel and aluminium cladding, complete with a paint finish in a range of RAL colours.

Our ergonomically designed cradles provide a safe and comfortable work environment with widths ranging from 2.0m to 7.2m.

Rostek-UK Roof Trolley BMU  

On buildings with few projections, such as balconies or terraces, or where it is possible to position the track on the roof edge, Rostek’s Roof Trolley System is a low profile, very easy to use and a cheaper solution compared to fully counter-weighted BMU Systems.

The Trolley unit runs on twin aluminium tracks positioned directly over the parapet (the front track is generally set back by 100mm to ensure it is not visible from the ground).

The typical weight of our lightweight Roof Trolley is 500 kg, making it suitable for lightweight roof and façade structures.

Rostek-UK Compact BMU Machine

On buildings with few projections, such as balconies or terraces, or where it is possible to position the track close to the roof edge, Rostek’s compact crane BMU will cover most requirements, with an outreach of up to 15m.

Each machine is completely counterbalanced and incorporates a rotating head to ensure the cradle remains parallel to the building face at all points.

Rostek-UK Complete BMU Machine 

The complete crane machine is suitable for buildings that have larger terraces and more complex façades. Boasting an outreach of up to 35m, they can cope with the majority of situations.

With their base and running gear being similar to the compact machines, they can travel on twin steel tracks, or alternatively they can operate from a fixed position. 

Depending on the specific characteristics of the building, the jib can be either fixed or telescopic.

Rostek-UK Special BMU Machine

For buildings with particularly challenging façade features, like large towers, parapets or screens, Rostek-UK can incorporate a variety of bespoke functions into its machines to overcome the most demanding situations.

Turrets can be added into the jib ends to allow the cradle to pass over high obstacles without the need for luffing jibs, alternatively machines with articulating “knuckle” jibs can be supplied to allow the cradle to reach around the obstruction.

Rostek-UK Pantographs

To enable access to façades beneath projections, such as soffits or brise soleil shading, or into recesses, our machines can incorporate a special pantograph unit, which enables the cradle to maintain close contact with the building façade.

The photos to the right illustrate the pantograph in its closed and open positions.

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